The experience of “un-boxing”

Today the decision to buy a product is no longer depending just on it´s content – it is rather essentially influenced by it´s outside appearance. This implies, that good packaging design can not only be an effective interaction with a user, but also have a fundamental impact on the purchase decision.

A product package is no longer just a protective shell for some vulnerable content. It rather has the power to emphasise the products character and to create an emotional connection to the consumer. This is a complex tast because it is not enough to do a creative design for the package, it also has to obey numerous legal restrictions and laws. Especially in the field of food packaging there are very specific regulations and limitations in terms of identification, labeling, readability and expiration dates.

Parallel to that, sustainability and environmentally friendly production gains more and more importance in the field of contemporary and appealing packaging design.

If you manage to design a high class and distinctive packaging that meets all  these attributes, the next big challenge is to create a concept that supports the growing trend-experience of un-boxing. This high demand in each of our projects is what connects us to our clients and keeps us working to harmonise the link between the product and it´s package.