business consulting 2.0

It is still very much underestimated what design can do for the benefit of a product, brand or company. Yet it is well known, that a brand can only stake it´s claims, values and characteristics on the market through communication, but the understanding of “communication” leads in 9 out of 10 times only towards advertisements or commercials. Yet the most important and powerful representative of a brand are it´s products! The products quality as well as it´s enduring appearance deeply effect the customers individual perception leading to the emotional impression of a brand – may it be negative or positive. Today advertisements are less than ever a strong enough vehicle to communicate of uniqueness and create a certain emotional image! If we assume a certain level of technical quality of a product, there is only one more trigger left to use: to create a long-term positive and authentic brandimage it is more important than ever, to design products that can catch emotions, raise desires and that can communicate their technical and professional qualities through their appearance – through holistic corporate product design concepts!

nizeone supports it´s clients with services and knowledge resulting out of regular design- and trend-research, graphic- and productdesign as well as strategic design. With these skills, we can support building or re-building a brand and help to adjust the virtual position of a brand on the market.

For the company MIMOT GmbH we created a corporate design manual, that defines the rules for all details of outside appearance of the brand MIMOT. Along with this manual, we did adjustments of the brand logo, created letterheads and brochures, industrial design for the machines, the company´s trade fair booth and even their website in perfect corporate manner – which finally led to the honour of a national and an international  design-award.